Command™ Small Wire Hooks Value Pack 17067-9ES

  • 3M ID 7100118986
  • UPC 00051131949492

Self-adhesive hooks for damage-free hanging.

Strong holding power - up to 225g in weight.

Size: Small

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  • Self-adhesive hooks for damage-free hanging
  • Strong holding power - up to 225g in weight
  • Size: Small
  • Geeignet für die meisten glatten Oberflächen wie gestrichene Wände, Fliesen, Metall und Holz
  • Tragkraft: 225 g
  • Packungsinhalt: 9 Haken und 12 kleine Strips
  • Größe: Klein
  • Farbe: Weiß und Metall
  • Command™ Strips Typ: Innenbereich, Standard

Command™ Damage-Free Hanging, Holds Strongly, Removes Cleanly.

These small wire hooks can each hold up to 225g in weight, making them the ideal organisational solution for small household and office items. The hooks are easily and cleanly removed without damaging the surface underneath – no cracks, holes, damaged plaster, or sticky residue. Want to use the hook again? Simply reattach using a new Command™ Strip. For your convenience spare strips are included in the pack. There are so many uses for Command™ Small Wire Hooks around the house. Group a few hooks in the kitchen or cleaning cupboard to tidy away cloths and brushes, or position a few near the hob to hang utensils within easy reach. They are ideal for hanging bunches of keys, small tools and other everyday items that you need to find quickly and easily. Command™ products are perfect in rented accommodation where you can’t put screws in the walls or are worried about marks. They hold strongly on a whole range of surfaces including paint, wood and tiles, but aren’t suitable for use on wallpapered surfaces or for hanging antiques or other valuable or irreplaceable items. To remove the hook from the wall, hold the hook in one hand and with the other gently pull the tab straight down, slowly stretching it until the strip releases from the wall. All of these instructions are detailed on the back of the pack. Command is a trademark of 3M Company.